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Equestrian Trophies

The Best Equestrian Trophies for Your Horse Event.

Looking for Equestrian Trophies? then you have started at the right place.

As a club or equestrian riding stables or livery yard, you may need to source trophies for prizes to award at the end of your competition, race or discipline.

Whether you are looking for cups, plates, rosettes, statues or something completely different like a photo a drawing or painting of the wining steed for any competition, gymkhana games, Horseball, Vaulting, Horse Dancing, dressage, clear round, show jumping, polo, cross country, or point to point, even road safety deserves recognition.

Many things come together to make a winner, good natural food, occasional horse vitamins, regular exercise, good bedding, a nice environment, and a few friends, will help make a winning partnership. It will take patience, time and plenty of hard work together to win equestrian trophies.

Whatever you choose, do not scrimp as this is a false economy.

To help you, you will need:

  • The right horse riding and safety gear.
  • An understanding him/her indoors.
  • A tow car.
  • A horse trailer.
  • Equestrian and vehicle insurance.
  • A friendly Vet.
  • A good stable.
  • A good used or new saddle.
  • Lush green pasture.
  • Lots of work together.
  • More boots, coats and bits than your local store can supply.

Your Horse will Require:

  • Your Horse needs a loving and understanding owner / rider.
  • He/she already know they can win equestrian trophies, they practice every day in the field showing there friends how good they are.... you should watch sometime it will open your eyes!

This and an occasional polo or carrot make for a happy healthy equine friend, who wants to Win Equestrian Trophies!